My work with clients is sacred. To honor each person and to offer a compassionate container for all that arises in our work together, I hold the consciousness of nonviolent communication. In partnership with each client, I facilitate a discussion around past celebrations and challenges and future goals without any judgement, shame, blame, or sense of right or wrong.  If a client chooses, we can discuss ways that he/she/they can learn more about nonviolent communication in order to enhance self connection and connection with others in everyday situations.  

Holistic Emotional Wellness Consultation

I take an integrative approach to healing the mind and consider the multiple dimensions of a person’s experience - the psychological, the physical, and the spiritual.  I am able to explore how a person might be engaged in destructive patterns that are barriers to him/her/they realizing the improved mental, physical, and spiritual health that he/she/they seeks.  As a holistic emotional wellness professional, I don’t see my clients as damaged or faulty. Instead I encourage clients to examine and release the beliefs and behaviors that no longer serve them so they can step into their whole selves and achieve greater health and well being.

Specialty Areas

As a Holistic Emotional Wellness Consultant, I address various issues. Below is a list of some of the problems and concerns that individuals bring to therapy.  This is by no means a comprehensive list.  

Attachment and how it plays out in relationships - by early childhood our attachment style is set.  This guides us and shapes how we show up in relationships, both with friends, with colleagues, and with intimate partners.  Are your relationships not working for you? We can examine this together.

Behavior Change Support - whether it’s managing money better or learning to trust your intuition, I would love to partner with you to examine where you are with regard to the behavior you want to change and how you can move forward toward your growth edge.

Parenting challenges -

“If we value our children, we must cherish their parents.” - John Bowlby

Are you feeling overwhelmed and frustrated in response to your child’s / children’s behavior? Are you needing some support and ease?  Let’s work toward you deepening your connection with yourself and with your child / children in order to bring more fun and ease in the parenting realm.  

Conflict with: Family of Origin / Chosen family / intimate partner / general interpersonal conflict

While conflict is normal it’s very challenging.  Let’s join together to utilize the “language of the heart” -  nonviolent communication / compassionate communication - to deconstruct the issues at hand and to increase self connection and connection with others.  

Anxiety and depression - 1 in 5 Americans experience a challenge related to mental health each year.  If you are noticing any shifts in your mood and/or sleeping/eating patterns it’s important to get support right away.  

Grief and Loss - I can easily support you through the challenges of the grief and loss process.  

Stress management - Life is stressful nowadays and stress management is more important than ever.  Let’s talk more about how you can achieve the life balance you deserve.

Life transitions - New job? Job loss? Recent move? New baby?  While some of these situations are chosen and positive in nature, they fall into the category of change or transition, which can be stressful.  If your recent life transition has triggered concerning symptoms or patterns we can examine how to get you back on track.

Healing Touch Therapy

Healing Touch is one type of biofield energy work. We exist as fields of vibrating frequencies and our thoughts, feelings, needs, and physical symptoms are all vibratory expressions.  Healing Touch is a healing art that abides by the principle that conscious, intentional, and compassionate touch can positively influence the health of another.  Healing Touch practitioners works with the chakra system and the human biofield to restore and balance energy flow in and around the body.